Boris Johnson Ignites an Article 13 Twitter Storm

Boris Johnson today reacted to the EU’s passing of Article 13, its new copyright law designed to protect content creators, including composers:

This produced a backlash from a number of musicians…

Soprano/composer Sarah Dacey, responded directly that it was:

‘an incredibly brilliant step forward for us musicians’

(the full response was less printable…)

Countertenor Christopher Robson:

Author Emma Kennedy also pitched in: 

No thanks Boris. Creative people deserve to be paid for their content. 

Only a minuscule amount of creative people are “rich and powerful” Most are scraping by.— Emma Kennedy (@EmmaKennedy) 27 March 2019

Others pointed out that the UK supported the new law:

And that whilst it is still an EU member the UK still has the power to stop it, if it so chooses:

A Conservative MEP tried to school him a little:

Others were supportive of Johnson’s take:

I have been a working creative 20+ years. My work has been copywriten for decades, I don’t need or want the EU to control that. Changing this will mean that people can’t post my work & every time they do my work becomes better known. The internet made me successful.— Queen of Dalston (@queenofdalston) 27 March 2019

Creative people aren’t suddenly going to receive lots of royalties because of this. It’s going to damage the web as a whole, reduce interactions and transactions and hurt revenue as a whole. Like customs barriers on trading, it is harmful and typical of the EU.— Alan McClenaghan (@DesignAlMc) 27 March 2019

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