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February Concert Diary: Dutilleux Days, Figaro Gets a Divorce and Nothing (20/1/16)

A very happy birthday to Henri Dutilleux, that other great post-war French composer, who would have been 100 on Friday. (read more)

Pierre Boulez (1925–2016) (7/1/16)

The death of Pierre Boulez marks the end of a remarkable, and often controversial, era in Western music. (read more)

Preview of 2016: Dutilleux Centenary (1/1/16)

The Shadows of Time, Le temps l’horlogeMystère de l’instant. Henri Dutillleux was a composer always interested in the concept of time. (read more)

Other December CD Picks (18/12/15)

A recent release on Harmonia Mundi contains two important Dutilleux works for cello… (read more)

Seattle Symphony Orchestra: Dutilleux Métoboles, L’arbre des songes, Symphony No. 2, ‘Le Double’ (12/12/15)

The works included on Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s recent Dutilleux disk make a good introduction to the composer’s music, even if I think arranging them chronologically would have given a better insight into his stylistic development. (read more)

Christmas Shopping (2/12/15)

I don’t know how many shopping days or sleeps there are until Christmas, but I’m beginning to be fairly stressed about buying presents. (read more)

December Concerts and Premières (27/11/15)

Christmas may come earlier every year, but new music seems to be developing a bit of resilience to the onslaught of carolling, Messiahs and candlelit choirboys.  (read more)

SaM Commissioning Survey Results (21/11/15)

Sound and Music has just published the results of its second Composer Commissioning Survey. (read more)

Islamic State and the Targeting of Music (18/11/15)

I had hoped to bring you some of my thoughts on the MANCA Festival here in Nice, France. I was particularly looking forward to the two Michel Pascal premières… (read more)

Michel Pascal Interview (9/11/15)

Christian Morris talks to French composer Michel Pascal, whose ‘Requins’ and ‘Never Die’ are premiering at the 2015 MANCA festival. (read more)

Huddersfield to Vienna: November Festivals and Premieres (28/10/15)

As well as the Manca Festival here in Nice, there are two other major music European festivals to look forward to in November. (read more)

Elements and October CD Roundup (24/10/15)

Congratulations to Ludovico Einaudi, whose album Elements debuted at number 12 in the popular music charts this week, the most successful classical composer since Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs in 1992. (read more)

Sonorama (21/10/15)

Björk’s Biophilia in 2011 was a watershed moment for me. A cross-disciplinary project that married music, artwork, games, animation and wider environmental themes… (read more)

Sibelius, Staffpad, Surfaces and iPad Pros (15/10/15)

There was much talk of doom after the close of the UK Sibelius Office in 2012. With hindsight, it now seems that it was justified. (read more)

Nice (12/10/15)

After a wet Pembrokeshire summer I find myself in Nice, capital of the French Riviera. (read more)

Objects at an Exhibition (30/9/15)

As planned, I tuned in for the broadcast première of Max Richter’s Sleep on Saturday. (read more)

October Concerts and Festivals (24/9/15)

2015 is a Venice Biennale year, the 10 day music programme running from October 2nd–11th. (read more)

September CD Picks (18/9/15)

On DG there are new recordings of Witold Lutosławski’s Piano Concerto and Symphony No. 2 conducted by the Berlin Philharmonic under Simon Rattle. (read more)

Max Richter: Sleep (16/9/15)

Max Richter’s new album on DG, the 8 hour Sleep is a gigantic set of variations that explore the way music can interact with states of consciousness. (read more)

Why We Should Hate Music (8/9/15)

One of my favourite radio shows at the moment is Radio 5 Live’s Film Review Programme, dubbed Wittertainment by its devoted army of listeners (‘Hello to Jason Isaacs’, by the way). (read more)

Are some record labels using streaming to rip off listeners? (26/8/15)

I was enormously impressed to find Naxos disks available on Apple Music. Since starting to use the service, however, I’ve noticed a curious thing. (read more)

September Festivals (17/8/15)

Over the course of 19 days there will be 30 events featuring over 70 works by 25 composers, played by 30 orchestras, ensembles and by countless soloists… (read more)

Tansy Davies: Re-greening (10/8/15)

I was knocked sideways this morning when catching up on the latest Proms ‘première’…. (read more)

The Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck Opera (and some August Festivals…) (27/7/15)

The BBC Proms got underway with, quite literally, a bang on Friday with the first night premiere of Gary Carpenter’s Dadaville, fireworks and all. (read more)

Pullulating, bristling and teeming: July CD Roundup (15/7/15)

As so often is the case, my reaction to the incredible range of new music on release this month is to wonder why the classical music public remains so fixated on the past. (read more)

Apple Music vs. Spotify (8/7/15)

There have been many how-to’s and reviews written about Apple Music, very few of which have focused on classical, let alone contemporary classical, music. (read more)

BBC Proms Premieres (30/6/15)

If you want to find premieres at the 2015 BBC Proms you have a couple of options… (read more)

June CD Roundup (28/6/15)

As well as Boris Pigovat’s Requiem (see below), Naxos have release two solo disks… (read more)

Boris Pigovat: Holocaust Requiem (24/6/15)

Knowing little about his style, it was with a little trepidation that I listened to Boris Pigovat’s Holocaust Requiem… (read more)

Salzburg, Bregenz, Aix, Manchester and More (17/6/15)

July sees the beginning of two long summer festivals. The BBC Proms runs from 17th July to 12th September, with the first night world première honours going to Gary Carpenter’s Dadaville. (read more)

Stefan Wolpe: Music for Violin and Piano (13/6/15)

Though back in Pembrokeshire after three months at the Paul Sacher Sitting in Basel, a recent CD release brought to mind an uncomfortable event that occurred whilst I was there… (read more)

Apple Music (9/6/15)

Exciting times in the world of music streaming. Last night Apple announced the not-very-imaginatively-titled Apple Music… (read more)

June Festival Picks (27/5/15)

The Holland Festival takes place in numerous venues in Amsterdam and features dance, film, the visual arts, theatre and also a wide range of concerts, many of which feature new music. (read more)

Mervyn Burtch (1929–2015) (20/5/15)

Many readers will not have heard of Mervyn Burtch, a Welsh composer who died on 12th May aged 85. For Welsh musicians his is a very familiar name indeed. (read more)

Judith Weir: Storm (13/5/15)

Storm is Signum Classics’ new disc of Judith Weir vocal music performed by the BBC Singers under David Hill. (read more)

May CD Hustings (10/5/15)

Time to dismantle the hustings, take off rosettes and breathe a sigh of relief that the UK election, possibly the most tedious campaign I can remember, is finally done with. (read more)

May Festivals (30/4/15)

I was sorely tempted to head from Basel to Prague in May: a month in a beautiful (and relatively cheap) European city with a major music festival sounded promising. (read more)

April CD Releases (21/4/15)

There’s a trio of contrasting discs on Signum Classics this month… (read more)

Composed (17/4/15)

Whilst flicking between record label websites this afternoon, I came across the Composed app… (read more)

John Palmer: Conversations (9/4/15)

Conversations is John Palmer’s new book published by Composer’s Edition in partnership with Palmer’s own enterprise, Vision Edition. (read more)

Between Worlds: April Concerts (28/3/15)

A concert last night by students of the Hochschule für Musik revealed much about standards in Swiss higher education. The ambitious programme contained… (read more)

Konzerthaus, Freiburg and Gare du Nord, Basel (21/3/15)

Another couple of interesting concerts here in Basel. I say in Basel, but the first was actually in Germany. (read more)

Close Encounters at Orfordness: March CD Roundup (15/3/15)

DG have just reissued Boulez’s Le Domaine Musical collection, which can be added to my earlier guide to the composer’s recordings. (read more)

Back in Basel (9/3/15)

Despite waxing lyrical about the joys of being on the road, the comfort of a Pembrokeshire Christmas almost persuaded me to give up my nomadic lifestyle. (read more)

Beyond the River God (27/2/15)

Alex Ross describes Graham Lynch’s style as puzzling ‘over the classic distinction between ‘tonal’ and ‘atonal’, writing in praise of the neither-here-nor-there.’ (read more)

March Pick of the Premières (17/2/15)

If you’ve not already been, Christian Marclay’s solo exhibition continues throughout March at the White Cube Bermondsey. (read more)

Arts Council England Capitulates Over ENO Funding (12/2/15)

A bit of good news for anyone interested in the future of ENO. (read more)

Between the (Y)ears (12/2/15)

From March 19th–22nd the biennial London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music is holding a small series of events to keep the spirit of the festival going… (read more)

February CD Roundup (8/2/15)

There are three new albums on Naxos worth exploring this month… (read more)

Boulez as Conductor: a short guide to his recordings (5/2/15)

If some of Boulez’s pronouncements have given the impression of narrow-mindedness in accepting the music of others, his work as a conductor suggests rather the reverse. (read more)

Boulez at Ninety: a Personal Perspective (29/1/15)

On March 26th Boulez will turn ninety. Even at this grand old age he hasn’t entirely cast off the image of enfant terrible (read more)

February Premières (10/1/15)

UK premières begin next month with a new work by Ben Comeau, winner of the Cambridge University Composers’ Workshop, which will be played by the Britten Sinfonia at Wigmore Hall on 4th. (read more)

Biomusic in Plymouth (16/1/15)

The Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival (27th February–1st March) celebrates its 10th anniversary at the end of February. (read more)

January CD Roundup (12/1/15)

Also on Wergo (see my previous post) is Japanese composer Keiko Harada’s recent disk, F-fragments featuring solo piano (read more)

Adriana Hölszky: Works for Organ (9/1/15)

There are some fine recent disks on the German label Wergo. If you are not familiar with their work I urge you to have a rummage around their website… (read more)

Preview of 2015: Boulez at 90, CONTACT!, premières and festivals. (1/1/15)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always relieved when the Christmas season comes to an end… (read more)

A Contemporary Music Christmas Carol (19/12/14)

A morality tale with apologies to Mahler and Charles Dickens. Merry Christmas to all CT members! (read more)

Karajan’s Magic and Myth (9/12/14)

I remember the death of Karajan in 1989 as something that I read about in newspapers without really understanding the hysteria that had surrounded him in life. (read more)

Remote Working (19/11/14)

Some time ago I wrote about the problem of where a composer should live. Large Western cities probably make most sense. London, Paris, Berlin, New York and the like have a thriving cultural life that is appealing to artists. (read more)

December Concert Diary (20/11/14)

This is normally when I moan about December, the month without contemporary music. This year, however, there are quite a few things going on. (read more)

November CD Roundup (10/11/14)

This month marks the release of NMC’s Next Wave disk, now available for preorder. Next Wave is a joint project with Sound and Music that has commissioned new pieces from 12 young UK composers studying in higher education. (read more)

Marina Khorhova Interview (31/10/14)

Christian Morris talks to Marina Khorhova, an up-and-coming Russian composer known for her interest in advanced compositional techniques. (read more)

November Festivals and Premières (19/10/14)

I mentioned Wien Modern in my last concert roundup, though it barely qualified to be included, since most of its concerts fall in November. (read more)

October CD Releases (9/10/14)

Quite a range – stylistically, I mean – in October’s CD offerings. On NMC there are new disks by Charlotte Bray and Helen Grime, among the most gifted younger-generation composers in the UK right now. (read more)

Christopher Hogwood (25/9/14)

Though especially associated with early music, I cannot let today pass without lamenting the loss of Christopher Hogwood, one of our finest conductors. (read more)

October Festivals (19/9/14)

If you are in Scotland today and are suffering from post referendum exhaustion you can cheer yourself up with the thought of the imminent arrival of Sound, Scotland’s festival of new music, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. (read more)

September CD Roundup (13/9/14)

To the Sun and Stars is a new album on Bridge of vocal music by Louis Karchin. The works – American Visions, To the Sun, To the Stars, The Gods of Winter, and ‘A Way Separate…’ – were written between 1992 and 2012, so provide a good cross-section of his style… (read more)

SaM Commissioning Report – An Alternative View (31/8/14)

A few weeks ago Sound and Music released a report examining the current sate of composer commissioning. You can read the whole thing here, or take a look at this handy summary… (read more)

September Concerts (22/8/14)

September sees 80th birthday celebrations for Peter Maxwell Davies and Harrison Birtwistle at the BBC Proms. (read more)

August CD Roundup

If July’s CD releases were on the parsimonious side the same can not be said of this month, with a deluge that will probably only be surpassed by the August weather. (read more)

Present Music – Kevin Stalheim Interview (30/7/14)

Christian Morris talks to Kevin Stalheim, Artistic Director of Present Music, one of the leading contemporary music ensembles in the U.S. with a reputation for creating provocative experiences through performance, education and commissioning. (read more)

Summer Festivals (18/7/14)

The BBC Proms get going today. You can see my July picks in an earlier blog post. Looking further ahead… (read more)

Judith Weir and July CD Roundup (10/7/14)

Master of the Queen’s Music, or maybe Mistress of the Queen’s Music. Perhaps even Lady of the Queen’s Music.  I personally favour Judith Weir using the normal title… (read more)

Felix Meyer Interview (30/6/14)

Christian Morris talks to Dr. Felix Meyer, Director of the Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel. Established by conductor and patron Paul Sacher, the Foundation is one of the most important archives of twentieth and twenty-first century composers’ manuscript material. (read more)

July Festivals (19/6/14)

You have to work a little to find the contemporary music amongst the long list of composers represented at the 2014 BBC Proms… (read more)

June CD Releases (7/6/14)

Not a huge number of new CD releases this month. Even the normally hyperactive Naxos only has one album by a living composer… (read more)

Three June Festivals (29/5/14)

Alan Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic have big plans for their inaugural contemporary music festival, which has just got underway in New York… (read more)

CD of the Month: Guto Puw Reservoirs (20/5/14)

Guto Puw is in many respects the quintessential Welsh composer… (read more)

>reinhören (11/5/14)

Over the last week I have watched with fascination this odd-looking structure taking form outside the Paul Sacher Stiftung in Basel… (read more)

May Concert Diary (1/5/14)

Harrison Birtwistle turns 80 in July, with birthday concerts starting in earnest this month. One of the best places to enjoy the celebrations is at the Barbican, London. (read more)

John Palmer Interview (24/4/14)

Christian Morris talks to John Palmer, a composer of both acoustic and electroacoustic music whose wide influences include Jungian psychology, Buddhism and mythology. (read more)

Penderecki Works and April CD Roundup (12/4/14)

Written in 1959/60, Anaklasis, for 42 string instruments and percussion was the work that established Penderecki’s radical credentials with its extensive use of sounds that emphasise sonorous effect as opposed to pitch-based harmonic and melodic argument. (read more)

April Concert Highlights (28/3/14)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks: leaving one of my jobs, moving house and preparing to leave the country. I shall be spending a month in the lovely city of Basel, continuing my research into French Composer Henri Dutilleux at the Paul Sacher Foundation. (read more)

NMC 25th Birthday and March CD Releases (12/3/14)

NMC, the label that has done more than most to nurture new music in the UK, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a plethora of new releases and projects. (read more)

March Concert Diary (26/2/14)

The London Ear Festival of Contemporary Music, run by composers Gwyn Pritchard and Andrea Cavallari, is now in its second year. (read more)

February CD Roundup (19/2/14)

Electrifying Oboe on Métier is a disc of experimental works for oboe (and sister instruments) by Roger Redgate, David Gorton, Christopher Fox, Edwin Roxburgh, Michael Young and Matthew Wright. (read more)

Alasdair Nicolson Interview (12/2/14)

Christian Morris talks to Alasdair Nicolson, composer, Artistic Director of the St. Magnus International Festival and Director of its Composers’ Course. (read more)

February Concert Diary (31/1/14)

Peter Maxwell Davies described in a recent BBC interview how close he came to being struck with ‘the curse of the ninth’… (read more)

Robert Fokkens: Tracing Lines (26/1/14)

Many composers are inspired by their roots, some so much so it would be hard to imagine how their music would sound if they had been born elsewhere. (read more)

Popularity Stats (14/1/14)

Using their extensive concert database, the people at Bachtrack have put together a fascinating analysis of classical concerts during 2013. (read more)

Happy New Year! (1/1/14)

Christmas, for me, has been a time for reflection, for planning ahead and hatching plans for the year to come: compose more, travel more, get on with a planned writing project. (read more)

January Concert Highlights (21/12/13)

It’s already time to start looking ahead to see what the New Year holds in store for contemporary music. (read more)

Digital Discoveries: December CD Roundup (11/12/13)

There are three projects on NMC to discover this month. The first is a continuation of their Sinfonietta Shorts venture… (read more)

December Concert Diary (27/11/13)

There are a few contemporary music treats to enjoy before the classical music world dissolves into a frenzy of yuletide bonhomie. (read more)

A Voice Gone Silent Too Soon: the music of Gerhard Schedl (20/11/13)

The Boston-based Walden Chamber Players have just released a tribute to Austrian composer Gerhard Schedl. It’s title, A Voice Gone Too Soon, is a reference to his tragic death aged 43 (read more)

John Tavener (1944-2013) (13/11/13)

John Tavener, who died yesterday aged 69, was one of contemporary music’s most remarkable figures.. (read more)

November Concert Diary (29/10/13)

Time to enjoy 2013’s last gasp of contemporary concerting before the festive season kicks in… (read more)

October CD Roundup (22/10/13)

NMC’s new disk dedicated to the music of Philip Cashian spans some ten years of his output. (read more)

Arcomis International Brass Festival Review (15/10/13)

‘The trumpet does no more stun you by its loudness, than a whisper teases you by its provoking inaudibility.’
So it proved this weekend at Arcomis’s extraordinary International Brass Event in Cardiff. (read more)

October Concerts and Festivals (30/9/13)

Following their success with the 2011 International Flute Event, Arcomis (Arts Commissioning) have followed-up with a festival dedicated to brass music. (read more)

Kickstarter (23/9/13)

Do you have a piece of music languishing in a bottom drawer? You are rightly convinced of its merits, but do not have the financial means to get it performed? (read more)

September CD Roundup (18/9/13)

I often write about Naxos and, more obviously (it’s dedicated to contemporary music, after all), NMC in these roundups(read more)

Seven More Centenarians (3/9/13)

Whilst chatting to a friend recently he confessed to ‘centenary fatigue’. (read more)

September Concerts and Festivals (26/8/13)

I start with a reminder that, as well as reading this monthly summary of upcoming contemporary music events… (read more)

August CD Releases (17/7/13)

August sees another round of centenary releases, many of which revisit older recordings, either in the form of new collections or remasters. (read more)

August Festivals (31/7/13)

Concert centres hosting summer festivals are alive with activity this month. (read more)

Varia (23/7/13)

Today, I have been trying to think of pieces of music that might be appropriate for the celebration of a royal baby. (read more)

Karl Jenkins: Adiemus Colores (17/7/13)

It’s fashionable to knock Karl Jenkins. Some might say that it is even inappropriate for me to blog here about him. (read more)

Ten Summer Festivals to Get the Contemporary Music Blood Pumping (1/7/13)

My summary of ten great summer festivals. (read more)

Music in the Cloud (19/6/13)

From my teens until my twenties I was an avid collector of CDs. (read more)

June CD Roundup (19/6/13)

And so to this month’s CD releases or digital downloads, whatever’s your poison. (read more)

Interview with John Woolrich (12/6/13)

As it celebrates it sixtieth anniversary Christian Morris talks to Artistic Director John Woolrich about the past, present and future of the Dartington International Summer School. (read more)

June Festivals (28/5/13)

The 66th Aldeburgh Festival runs from 7th–23rd June. It celebrates the composer’s 100th birthday year with performances of Peter Grimes in the location that inspired it and The Church Parables in their original venue… (read more)

A view from Spain and May CD Roundup (19/5/13)

I’ve just come back from a trip to southern Spain, visiting such wonderful places as the Mezquita at Córdoba, the Alhambra at Granada, Seville Cathedral, Ronda and even hopped over briefly to Tangier in Morocco. (read more)

May Festivals (28/4/13)

As well as many interesting individual concerts of contemporary music, May sees the earnest beginnings of festival season. (read more)

Marking the Rite: April CD Roundup (18/4/13)

Timed to mark the hundredth anniversary of this most iconic of twentieth century masterpieces, Simon Rattle and his Berlin forces have just released a new recording of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Primtemps on EMI. (read more)

Anda Anastasescu Interview (30/3/13)

Christian Morris talks to Anda Anastasescu, pianist, founder of the London Schubert Players, champion of Romanian contemporary music and creator of the European Union-funded Invitation to Composers project. (read more)

‘Spirit of Youth’: April Concert Roundup (20/3/13)

It’s hard not to feel a bit bucked at this time of year. Today, as I look out of my window, I see bright sunlight, budding trees and flowering bulbs. (read more)

The Joy of Next (13/3/13)

I’m a pretty ordinary music lover and a very conflicted composer. As a music lover I am just as likely to…(read more)

March Concerts and Festivals (25/2/13)

I’ve just augmented CT’s concert listing with my own summary of concerts that I have found hither and thither.(read more)

Recording of the Month: Wunderkammer(konzert) (13/1/13)

Even given that I am no expert on the music of Kenneth Hesketh, my reaction on listening to Wunderkammer(konzert), the first album dedicated to his music was… (read more)

February Concert Listing (30/1/13)

There are several events worth highlighting in February’s (newly updated) concert listings. (read more)

Did Britten Die from Syphilis? (21/1/13)

A retelling of Benjamin Britten’s last years in yesterday’s Telegraph brought a tragic note to his centenary celebrations. (read more)

On Moving to Mac (10/1/13)

Many composers I talk to, even if they use a Windows PC, express an interest in swapping to Apple Mac. (read more)

Preview of 2012 (31/12/12)

Happy New Year to you all! If you’re feeling over-indulged on ample sufficiencies of turkey, Christmas pud and mince pie, here’s a repast of a different sort… (read more)

Record of the Month: A European Odyssey (21/12/12)

If you buy one CD set this month, or, for that matter, over the next twelve, you should consider A European Odyssey, A remarkable musical adventure with the London Schubert Players. (read more)

Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco (13/12/12)

Mortuos plango, I mourn the dead. Though annus horribilis is, perhaps, an exaggeration, the grim reaper has done his work unusually well in 2012. (read more)

November CD Roundup (28/11/12)

If you like your music cerebral and challenging then you should check-out Richard Barrett’s bewitching new CD Dark Matter. (read more)

Self-publishing (20/11/12)

That the internet has revolutionized the consumption of recorded music is a truism. Artists can self-publish via their own websites… (read more)

Retorica Interview (10/11/12)

Christian Morris talks to Harriet Mackenzie and Philippa Mo, who have just released their debut-disk ‘English Violin Duos’ on NMC. (read more)

November Concert Diary

I’ve just updated CT’s concert diary for November. A few things, however, deserve special mention.(read more)

Fifty Shades of Grim. October CD Roundup (11/10/12)

I noticed with a sense of both amusement and nausea yesterday that EMI, a label that I used to follow avidly, has stooped to releasing Fifty Shades of Grey, The Classical Album. (read more)

NMC Music Map (28/9/12)

For a bit of Friday fun why not take a look at NMC’s Music Map , an interactive application that explores links between composers? (read more)

October Festivals and Concerts (21/9/12)

Apart from individual concerts, just updated here, there are several important festivals this coming month. (read more)

September CD Releases (15/9/12)

Apart from the excellent Retorica disk reviewed in my last post, there are a number of other new recordings worth checking out this month. (read more)

Retorica: English Violin Duos (8/9/12)

If a programme of music for two violins does not sound like a very appealing prospect, check out Retorica’s debut disk, just released on NMC. (read more)

Two Festivals and an Installation (30/8/12)

Having written a eulogy to the music of William Mathias not many weeks ago, I managed to forget to mention the upcoming North Wales International Music Festival… (read more)

September Concert Diary (25/8/12)

There are several festivals that feature new music in September. I’ve included a selection of concerts from them in my monthly round-up on CT’s concert page. (read more)

Varia (9/8/12)

Okay, I admit it: hosting the Olympics was not such a bad idea after all. (read more)

August Concert Diary (26/7/12)

Whilst I’ve just updated CT’s concert listings for August, there is such a range of concerts this month that I would also recommend checking out individual festival programmes… (read more)

July CD Releases (16/7/12)

A quiet month. Only Naxos – as usual – has produced new albums of recent music. (read more)

Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Canon Fever (16/7/12)

Perhaps you needed to be a brass player fully to appreciate Mark Anthony Turnage’s Canon Fever… (read more)

William Mathias 1934-1992 (10/7/12)

I hail from the same part of the world as this most brilliantly communicative of composers. As with all who attended the old grammar school in the unexceptional town of Whitland, Carmarthenshire… (read more)

UK Sibelius Office to Close (4/7/12)

On July 2nd, Avid Technology, the company who recently acquired Sibelius Software, announced a major restructuring. (read more)

July Concerts and Festivals (29/6/12)

I’ve just updated CT’s concert listings for July. Festival season gets into full swing this month, however, so, with so much going on, it would hard to make that list comprehensive. (read more)

June CD Roundup (24/6/12)

A relatively quiet month in terms of CD releases, but one nevertheless marked by some interesting finds. (read more)

Guardian Guide to Contemporary Music (12/6/12)

I recommend checking out Tom Service’s excellent and evolving guide to contemporary music on the Guardian website. (read more)

June Festivals (4/6/12)

I did – just – manage to update CT’s concert directory in time for June a few days ago. However, I also wanted to point out a few festivals that take place this month… (read more)

May CD Roundup (29/5/12)

I’ve spent the last few days listening to a couple of new CDs. The first involves violinist Hilary Hahn, whose recording of Ives violin sonatas I reviewed a few months back. (read more)

Bring on the Bunting (24/5/12)

A summer of flag waving begins in a week with the official celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on 2-5th June, followed, on July 27th, by the opening of the London Olympics. (read more)

Sound and Music Appoints New Chief Executive (19/5/12)

Susanna Eastburn has been appointed as new Chief Executive for Sound and Music. (read more)

BBC Proms 2012 Preview (13/5/12)

Now here’s a funny thing. Last year the BBC Proms website had an excellent guide to the new music that was to appear during the season. (read more)

May Concert Diary (29/4/12)

I’ve just updated CT’s concert listings for May. I haven’t, however, included details for three interesting festivals that will be taking place this month, which instead I shall write about here. (read more)

April CD Roundup (20/4/12)

The more I read contemporary music reviews and CD notes, the more I realise that many of them say next to nothing of interest on the topic they are supposed to be illuminating. (read more)

Open Letter to Sound and Music (10/4/12)

So did anyone sign the open letter to Sound and Music? I received a copy a couple of weeks ago… (read more)

April Concert Listings (3/4/12)

A little belatedly, perhaps, I’ve just updated the CT concert diary for April. (read more)

March CD Roundup (22/3/12)

After a crazy couple of weeks, including a PhD viva and the presentation of a paper at the Sacher Perspectives Conference in Cardiff (same day as the Six Nations final – bravo Wales!)… (read more)

March Concert Diary (26/2/12)

As promised last month, my monthly roundup of concerts has now been moved to CT’s own concert diary page. (read more)

Judith Weir Interview (19/2/12)

Christian Morris talks to Judith Weir, whose new opera Miss Fortune will receive its UK première on 12th March at the Royal Opera House. (read more)

Computers and Composers (9/2/12)

I was astonished when I first read this description of John Adams playing back part of a work in progress to Alex Ross in his The Rest is Noise. (read more)

February Concert Diary (31/1/12)

A slightly different look to the concert round-up this month. Some will notice that… (read more)

New Music on Demand (23/1/12)

I often wax lyrical about Spotify on this blog. What makes a resource like this different from the radio is that one can choose what and when to listen… (read more)

January CD Releases (11/1/12)

Charles Ives expressed ambivalence in later life towards his Violin Sonatas, believing them to be too conventional. (read more)

2012 Preview (1/1/12)

Happy New Year to all CT members! Here’s a little preview of what 2012 holds for contemporary music… (read more)

Park Avenue Armory (23/12/11)

Some while back I wrote of my experience of visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao… (read more)

Does Contemporary Music Do Christmas? (16/12/11)

I said last time that December in the month without contemporary music. By this I meant… (read more)

December Concert Diary (2/12/11)

December, the month without contemporary music, is upon us. Looking around the concert centres… (read more)

Christmas Shopping (24/11/11)

My family is not the most imaginative when it comes to Christmas present buying. We’ve long learned that the best way to avoid Christmas day disappointment is to make a list… (read more)

Helen Grime Interview (16/11/11)

I talk to Helen Grime who, amongst other things, has just started as associate composer with the Hallé Orchestra… (read more)

Lancino Requiem Review (14/11/11)

Since, as a youngster, watching Mozart feveredly dictating passages of his last work to the dastardly Salieri in Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus… (read more)

November Festivals and Concerts (4/11/11)

Here’s something cheerful now that the depression of winter has well and truly arrived: November offers such an array of new music concert riches that I hardly know where to begin… (read more)

The Sacher Foundation, Basel (26/10/11)

With a good friend of mine, the Mexican composer Mauricio Beltrán, I have just spent a fascinating few days in the Sacher Foundation Library in Basel, Switzerland…. (read more)

Interview with Gregory Harrington (12/10/11)

Christian Morris talks to Irish-born violinist Gregory Harrington, an emerging soloist based in New York, who has just released A Different World, an album of music by James MacMillan… (read more)

October CD Review (5/10/11)

I said in one of my earliest blog posts that I didn’t envy the job of concert reviewers. Having to make a snap judgement about a piece of music strikes me as a thankless job…. (read more)

October Festivals and Concerts (22/9/11)

Modern Art and Modern Music (11/9/11)

August CD Picks and the Three Ps (21/8/11)

Björk Biophilia (10/8/11)

August Festivals Round-Up (2/8/11)

Composers’ Commission Fees (2/8/11)

Arcomis Arts Commissioning Interview (27/7/11)

July CD Picks…and why we should raise a glass to Naxos (13/7/11)

July Concert Picks (5/7/11)

Nico Muhly and the English Choral Tradition (29/6/11)

June CD Releases (15/6/11)

Summer Festival Roud-Up (8/6/11)

A Composer’s Experience of Workshops (4/6/11)

Peter Eötvös Total Immersion Day (24/5/11)

BBC Proms 2011 (27/4/11)

Unsuk Chin Total Immersion Day (18/4/11)

Cheltenham Festival Preview (11/4/11)

UK Arts Council Cuts (31/3/11)