Groove Study for Three Cellos

In 2019 I embarked upon a project to recompose a number of well-known Christmas carols in different popular, jazz and Latin American styles, the result being the compilation We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas. When contemplating a piece for three cellos it seemed natural to continue my use of the grooves and riffs from those pieces, whilst also exploring more contemporary techniques. The result is this light and, I hope, fun work for three cellos. 

During the writing process I found myself exploring the many excellent videos on You Tube that demonstrate less conventional cello playing techniques. Of these I was especially reliant on a brilliant demonstration of cello chopping from U.S. cellist Bryan Wilson, the pattern he demonstrated eventually forming the foundation of the piece.

When seeking to put together a performance of the work as a late lockdown project, it seemed natural to approach him and ask him if he would be interested in recording it. I was delighted when he agreed. The result is this superb performance. Many thanks to him!

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