Marina and Christian's Wedding

Come live with me, and be my love,
And we will some new pleasures prove
Of golden sands, and crystal brooks,
With silken lines, and silver hooks.


Sunday 17th July 2022


St. Peter’s Church, Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8UH, for the service at 2.00 pm.

The reception will be held at Slebech Park ( following the service.

Address: Slebech Park Estate, The Rhos, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 4AX. 

Approximate running order on the day

2.00 pm Service at Lampeter Velfrey

3.30 pm Arrival at Slebech.

Guests who need to check-in to the hotel are requested to leave their luggage in their cars. Check-in will be after the meal. 

4.15 pm Formal photos in the grounds. Everyone will be involved in the photos so please don’t disappear!

5.30 pm Guests take places for the meal.

There is no evening entertainment but I hope people can mill about and chat afterwards. It will, anyway, be a civilised finish—unfortunately the bar and restaurant close at 10.00 pm. 

Menu Choices

Christian Morris

Duck, beef, choc 

Marina Sudo

Soup, sea bass, lemon tart

Reina Sudo

Duck, seabass, chocolate

Masako Sudo

Duck, seabass, lemon

Hiroshi Sudo

Duck, beef, lemon

Ko Sudo

Duck, beef, chocolate

Yoshie Sudo

Duck, beef, chocolate

Maho Sudo

Chicken & chips, chocolate (vanilla ice cream instead of pistachio)

Lisa Sudo

Chiken & chips, chocolate

Susan Morris

Duck, gnocchi, lemon tart 

Geoffrey Morris

Duck, beef, lemon tart

Rebecca Ward

Soup, beef, lemon tart

George Ward

Duck, beef, citrus tart

Charlie Ward

Duck, beef, dark choc delice

Jack Ward

Chicken goujons, ice cream

Ruth Morris

Soup, gnocchi,  chocolate delice

Paul Thomas 

Soup, beef, cheese

Carol Griffiths 

Smoked duck, beef, choc delice 

Colin Griffiths

Smoked duck, beef, choc delice 

Richard Fowler

Duck, beef, cheese

Kathryn  Fowler

Duck, seabass, lemon

Ian Griffiths 

Duck, beef, chocolate 

Ceri Facey-Davies

Duck, beef, citrus

Max Davies

Salmon, beef, cheese

Seb Facey-Davies

Chicken goujons & chips, ice cream

Ben Facey-Davies

Chicken goujons & chips, ice cream 

Ben Barker 

Smoked duck, beef, dark chocolate delice

Ivy Morris

Duck, beef, cheese.

Beti Morris

Duck, beef, lemon tart

Paul Morris

Salmon, beef, choc

Arlene Morris

Samon, beef, cheese

Rooms booked at Slebech Park

The following room reservations have been made at Slebech Park for wedding guests (Sat 16th, Sun 17th, Mon 18th). Changes now need to be made directly with the hotel.

Marina and Christian (Bride and Groom)

Sunday and Monday

Hiroshi, Masako (Parents of Bride)

Sunday and Monday

Reina (Sister of Bride)

Sunday and Monday 

Ko (Brother of Bride), Yoshie, Maho, Lisa FAMILY ROOM

Sunday and Monday 

Susan and Geoffrey (Parents of Groom)


Rebecca (Sister of Groom), George, Charlie and Jack Ward FAMILY ROOM

Saturday  and Sunday 

Ruth Morris (Sister of Groom)


Paul Thomas (Best Man)


Carol and Colin Griffiths

Saturday and Sunday

Richard and Kathryn Fowler

Saturday and Sunday

Ian Griffiths

Saturday and Sunday

Max and Ceri Facey-Davies (+2?) FAMILY ROOM (tbc)

Saturday and Sunday

Ivy Morris

No room required

Beti Morris

No room required

Ben Barker


Extra information

We won’t be sending out a second formal wedding invitation—it doesn’t make much sense given how small the ceremony will be and how spread out the guests are. 

We will let you know if there are changes to this page that might be useful. 

You can get in touch with Marina at:

Christian’s email is: