Chorale from Lyra Davidica

For this piece, part of a collection of my organ music, I decided to turn to a melody familiar to a British audience: the Easter HymnLyra Davidica is the collection from which the Easter Hymn originates. The piece follows the phrase structure of the hymn very closely, though the melody does not appear unambiguously until the end and even then only briefly in the bass. Lyra Davidica translates as Harp of David and, appropriately, was premiered by Michael Slaney in the summer organ recital series at St. Davids Cathedral, Pembrokeshire in the summer of 2009. The piece also exists in an orchestral version, first played and broadcast by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in 2010.




c. 4:30
Performed by Michael Slaney on the organ at St. Davids Cathedral