Some recent comments about my composing, arranging and writing work:

On my piece ‘Djemaa el Fna’ for 36 trumpets

As a trumpeter himself, performing in this premiere, Morris’s sympathy for his medium was manifest…[the] final accumulation realised a vivid climax.

Guardian, January 2009

On my arrangement of ‘Dargason’

My Clarinet group are thoroughly enjoying this arrangement, thank you.
We are playing in a school concert and would like to know who CM is to acknowledge the arranger on the program.

S Gregory, October 2013

On my piece ‘Missa Veni, Veni, Emmanuel’

I then turned to the new ‘Missa Veni, Veni Emmanuel’ ( by Christian Morris. A composer who has always eschewed the familiar and can be said, in many ways, to be ‘ground-breaking’….To my mind, this is what singles out the Morris Mass for instant acclaim: simply for bothering to write polyphonically and melodically. Bold. Hanging a very challenging ‘sound world’ on the familiar Veni Emmanuel plainsong is quite a strategic move, for it gives the casual listener at least some sense of ‘where things are going’…it’s a damn sight more creative, challenging, thought-provoking, and interesting than anything else we’ll hear this Advent.

Jon Payne, organist and choirmaster, December 2015

On my arrangement of ‘I Wander as I Wonder’

This is an absolutely stunning arrangement, and so very useful in my Suzuki string program. I would like my student string orchestra to perform it at the upcoming Kootenay Festival of Arts in Nelson, BC, in April…Thank you for this valuable addition to the string literature!

Stephanie Judy, Argenta Suzuki Centre and author of ‘Making Music for the Joy of It’, January 2016

On my Composition Today blog

This website doesn’t screw around. It’s got up-to-date information about concerts, recordings, news affecting composers, and a great blog posted by Christian Morris. Reading this site makes you realize just what an enormous tapestry of different sounds is contemporary concert music.

Orchestration Online, January 2016

On my piece Northern Lights

Thanks for letting me use your amazing piece. I played French horn in the Solo/Ensemble Festival on Saturday, receiving a Superior.

Kaylee Henning, student, Deer Park, Washington, 2018