Groove Study for Three Cellos

From 2019 to 2020 I embarked on a project to recompose a number of well-known Christmas carols in different popular, jazz and Latin American styles, the result being the compilation We Wish You a Jazzy Christmas. When contemplating a piece for three cellos it seemed natural to continue my use of the grooves and riffs from those pieces, whilst also exploring more contemporary techniques. The result is this light and, I hope, fun work for three cellos. 

Performance Notes

1. Crossed noteheads are chopped. The pitches should not be sounded.

2. Either both parts should play the indicated ossias in bar 71 or neither. It is not an option for just one player.

3. Spread chords in cello 2 should always be spread upwards, except as indicated in bars 90 and 97. Here the effect is a quick strumming with fingers, similar to hand strumming a guitar.


3 cellos


c. 3 minutes
Performed by Bryan Wilson: