The Journey, Part 2: Carmarthen to Lampeter Velfrey


Carmarthen is possibly the oldest town in Wales, with Roman ruins dating from AD75. It is also the capital of the county of Carmathenshire. My parents often come here for shopping and Marina and I often take the train or bus from here when travelling back to Belgium.


This is the route around Carmarthen:

As you reach the end of the A48, you will skirt road the edge of the town, navigating this road system (see map above). Just before the first roundabout the road splits from two lanes to three. Stay in the left to start and then in the middle of the three (see picture below).

On this FIRST roundabout, take the second exit, signposted for ‘Fishguard and St. Clears A40’,  and then keep left as you you approach the SECOND roundabout. At the SECOND roundabout take the first exit, also signposted for ‘Fishguard and St. Clears A40′ (pictured below).

This is a fast road, which will take you, some 10 minutes later, to another roundabout at St. Clears:

Before this roundabout you will see signposts for Laugharne, which was where the famous poet Dylan Thomas spent much of his working life. It is still possible to visit his Boathouse, but not today!

Stay RIGHT as you approach the roundabout and take the second exit. Before the roundabout this is signposted for Fishguard and Haverfordwest (see above), but on the roundabout it is signposted for Whitland too (see below).

From now on there are no dual carriageways, so don’t try to drive on the right!

At you approach the final part of the journey it is VERY likely that the satnav will give you an alternative route to the one that I am about to suggest—there are several ways into Lampeter Velfrey. However, if you start on my route, the satnav should catch-up and change to my version, which is definitely the best. However, if you stick with the satnav, it WILL work, though you won’t be able to follow these final notes. Whatever you choose, don’t despair when the roads get very small and seem to go on for ever. You WILL get there!

At the next roundabout you will see this sign:


The satnav will probably tell you to go straight-on, but don’t! Turn left towards Tavernspite and Whitland.

These two places are important in the lives of both of my sisters and me. We went to primary school at Tavernspite and secondary school in Whitland. The road will take you directly into Whitland. At this point keep below 30 miles per hour! This is a popular place for speed traps!

Whitland is not very pretty and, unfortunately, you will not see the school itself. It is historically important, however, as the place where the Welsh King Hywel Dda (literally ‘Howel the Good”), who died AD949 or 950, codified the first Welsh laws. 

Turn left at the junction in the centre of the town, signposted for Tavernspite (see below—zoom in if you can’t read the sign!)

This will take you down the small main street of Whitland and across a railway line. Marina and I also use the station here when we are travelling to see my parents.

Soon after this you will cross a bridge ‘Pont Pipriac’ (‘Pont’ is bridge in Welsh, Pipriac is a town in France, with which Whitland is paired).

IMMEDIATELY after this turn RIGHT for, at last, Lampeter Velfrey (again zoom in to see the sign!).

Lampeter Velfrey

This road will take you all the way to Lampeter Velfrey. It becomes very narrow at times and may seem like it goes on for ever (actually you are only 10 mins from your destination)! But have faith.

The only part of the road that may be a bit confusing comes about half-way to Lampeter Velfrey:

Just keep following the road LEFT and down the hill and you’ll be fine.

The road at this point is very pretty. Not long afterwards you will see this marvellous sight:

Not very long after this you will see this church. This is where Marina and I will get married. Turn RIGHT before the church for the Old Rectory (turning pictured below):

You’ve made it! Congratulations and welcome!