Lost Places

This highly autobiographical work explores the idea of places that are lost, either in the sense of geographical remoteness, or because they are form part of my past.


Menevia is the ancient name for the diocese of St. Davids. It is also a part of the world I frequently visited as a child. Geographically remote it is now a place that feels very remote in my life. The movement attempts to evoke a sense of loss, remoteness, the presence of the sea and of the great cathedral that wallows so romantically below the tiny city.

‘because of the sun…’

The title is a quote from ‘The Best of School’ by DH Lawrence, a poem that describes the joy of school teaching.  This movement is a loose musical portrayal of my own experience of giving a lesson in a school. Some musical ideas are very programmatic, even though purely musical argument always takes precedence.

The Old Rectory

In 2008, on the retirement of my father as parish priest, my family moved from the Rectory at Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire. Like many grand old church properties it was soon put up for sale. This movement reflects both my sentiments at having to leave the lovely old building and seeing it empty and uncared-for.


Piano Quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano)